Performing annual service for Generac generators under our care, with genuine Generac parts, is critical to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the standby generator when you need it most. As a Generac-authorized sales and service provider, we offer affordable scheduled maintenance. We offer maintenance for 8 to 24 kw air-cooled Generac generators.

Our service plan provides a proactive approach to maintaining your Generac standby generator and identify problems that may otherwise go undetected causing serious damage and potentially costly emergency repairs.      

Scheduled Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Perform a 5-minute no load test
  • Change oil and oil filter
  • Check/change spark plugs
  • Check/adjust valve clearance
  • Check/change air filter
  • Inspect/clean battery
  • Inspect gas fittings
  • Check vibration/noise/leakage
  • Inspect fuel plenum
  • Clear enclosure louvers

The purpose of our Annual Service Contract is to offer our customers the advantage of having us automatically perform the contracted services. This frees our customers from having to remember to call us each year.  We will contact you annually to schedule your Maintenance Service. Our service contract also offers the advantage of a reduced hourly labor rate on repairs.

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