Heineken Electric performs all facets of overhead and underground powerline construction including communications installations. We can help prevent downtime by implementing a regular electrical system maintenance schedule for your high voltage equipment.

Our services include:

Twenty-four hour emergency callout and troubleshooting service that many of the local area electrical contractors, government agencies and private primary metered customers utilize frequently. If you own your own electrical system and you have an electrical emergency, just call our office, 785-738-3831 or Matt at 785-305-0141.

Overhead powerline construction including setting poles, repairing pole lighting, setting terminal poles for a new service installation, or miles of overhead powerline construction.

Medium voltage underground electrical installations including installation of underground duct banks, direct buried conductors, directional boring, manholes, underground vaults, set switchgear, pad mounted transformers, and pad mounted switches.

Terminating and splicing of high voltage cabling and troubleshooting medium voltage systems. If you have an emergency power problem from a failed primary power cable or a weekend power shutdown at an industrial facility that requires splicing, call our office 785-738-3831 or Matt at 785-305-0141.

Temporary power installations and rental transformers. Heineken Electric maintains an inventory of assorted pad mounted transformers in our warehouse for use as a temporary power for construction sites or for emergency power problems encountered from electrical systems failures or outages. 

Communications systems, both overhead and underground, while performing many of the same projects that we install for electrical systems. This includes digging and setting communications manholes and vaults, inner duct placing, cable placing, overhead pole setting, and overhead fiber lashing.

Large conductor secondary cable pulling equipment machines, trailers and trucks for large conductor cable pulls, or for sophisticated overhead or underground conductor placing.

Site lighting and light pole setting & wiring. Heineken Electric maintains a fleet of trucks and equipment for quick & easy installation of poles and pole lighting.

Heineken Electric maintains a variety of bucket trucks and digger derrick crane trucks for any need that may arise. If you need electrical switchgear placed, material moved, outside lighting on buildings installed or repaired, lightning protection or arrestors repaired, antenna work, etc., we can handle the task.

Trenching and backhoe services are available with our inventory of backhoes, mini excavators, trenchers, compactors, dump trucks, skid steers, potholing equipment, and cable locating equipment to perform most excavating or trenching requirements.